Good club person guide

Good club person guide


Team captains, coaches and committee members are good champions of FHC however they need help from all the players and membership.
The following guide has been produced to aid in the smooth running of the clubhouse and facilities and is split in to two sections:

• Housekeeping - The use of the pitch & clubhouse in general tidiness and the small chores that would make it easier if club members helped more.

• Hosting - A reminder about the club charter you signed up to as a member, specifically hosting duties regards the opposition and umpires, and the standard of hosting expected at the greatest club on earth.

Pitch and Changing Rooms

Keys. If you are the first game on you will need keys to open as school or clubhouse may not be open yet.

Goals. The first game on will also have to get the goals out. Black goals are for match days only and these are padlocked and chained to the fence x2, one on each post. Red goals are for training and these have a single chain and lock, If these get mixed up please ensure this is corrected. Last game on please ensure these are put away securely.

Pitch Gate & Floodlights. The lights need to be turned off ASAP after the last game. This can be done from the switch box near the gate. Lock the switch box and the gate up at the end of the day (It is the same key).

Changing Rooms. Unlock before the first game and lock up and turn off lights after the last game. Check all three changing rooms that we use (Home Away & Umpires).

Rubbish. Please help to tidy and bin all rubbish after your game from the pitch side-line and the changing rooms. It is also a duty of the last team on to take black bin bags from the kitchen and bar to the school bins.


Members. All members need to help generally with keeping the place respectable, clean and tidy. We would like the clubhouse to be treated more like your living room at home rather a pub.

Left Items. The club collects lots of clothes, water bottles, shin pads, gum shields and other stuff. We do not have room to keep lost property, so it does on occasion get disposed of.

Cupboard under the stairs. This kit and ball cupboard is abused please help to keep tidy and return all borrowed balls and equipment.

Bag storage at the bottom of the stairs. Neatly stack your stuff and keep the walkway and doorways clear for thoroughfare.

Kitchen & Dining Room. Reminder that this is a food area and is not to be used for changing on match days. Keep clean and tidy as FHC are subject to unannounced food safety inspections.

As part of our hosting duties can we improve on helping with the chores:
• Clear up our own and the oppositions used cups, plates and cutlery
• Take our used glasses back up to the bar
• Thank the kitchen staff for a lovely meal

Sandwiches. If you are the last team of the day (4:30pm slot) you need to serve yourself and the opposition. When finished please dispose of all food *DO NOT LEAVE IT OUT *. We cannot afford to attract rodent types. Please return all trays and plates to the kitchen.

Hosting duties and looking after the Umpires and Opposition

Before the match. Welcome both opposition and umpires, ensure they are aware of the location of the facilities, toilets, changing, clubhouse bar etc., and the start time of the game.

After the match. Ensure they understand that used kit is best left in their vehicles (rather than the clubhouse). Guide them to the bar to purchase drinks and snacks and not directly into the food. After a drink food, should then be served. At some point, before during or after food take the opportunity and chat with the umpires and opposition. Make them feel welcome at our club.

Engaging with the umpires will have long term benefits on the playing and competing side. Ask your opposition about other teams in your league. Always buy the umpires a drink after the game, or at least make the offer. Bring back the jug.

Being a member of the best hockey club in the World is not always about playing and competing on the pitch, but also about being social, making friends, being a part of the big FHC family and getting involved.
As a Fareham player, it is expected of us to raise the already high standards on and off the field.