Disciplinary card policy

Disciplinary card policy


This policy formalises how Fareham Hockey Club deals with players who receive multiple yellow cards.

This policy applies to all sections of the Club (Men’s and Ladies Senior, and Boys and Girls Junior sections) and extends to all players representing Fareham Hockey Club.

Any Yellow cards will count cumulatively but discretely within each section.

Our policy follows a similar format to the Men’s National League system.

1. All Fareham players will be subject to incremental match suspensions for yellow cards an individual accrues throughout the season. Team captains or team managers will report yellow cards to the Discipline Officer either directly or via the Playing Group Leader within 7 days of the card being awarded. The responsibility of applying suspensions rests with the Playing Group and Discipline Officer.

2. 4 Yellow cards in a season = 1 match suspension.

3. 2 further yellow cards in the same season = 1 further match suspension.

4. 2 further yellow cards in the same season = 1 further match suspension.

5. For each further yellow card thereafter in the same season = 1 further match suspension.

6. Any match suspension imposed as a consequence of this Regulation shall take effect on the next FHC match following the match in which the yellow card was issued.

7. Yellow Cards received and suspensions incurred shall only be applicable for the current season but will at the club’s discretion or in exceptional circumstances carry through to the succeeding season.

8. Any Technical red card awarded (2 Yellow cards for the same offence), where an automatic 16 day suspension is not imposed will be counted as 2 Yellow cards.