Club Charter

Club Charter

All playing members of Fareham Hockey Club must comply with the following charter:

As a Fareham Hockey Club player I will…

1. Be responsible for timely notification to my team captains/managers of my upcoming availability at least 2 weeks in advance to time.

2. Be responsible for the timely payment of my membership fees and timely payment of all playing fees, training fees and associated costs.

3. Be responsible for having the correct and safe playing equipment for the safe playing of hockey (clothing, sticks, footwear, etc).

4. Be responsible on match day for;

• My correct time of arrival at the pitch-side.
• Having a polite and courteous behavior to my opposition and umpires.
• Bringing an alternate change of kit to my match.
• For returning to the clubhouse after my match and hosting the opposition.

5. Be responsible for my personal discipline on and off the pitch at any venue whether playing or watching another Fareham Side. Encourage and support my team but be mindful of any comments directed at umpires or opposition players’.

6. If, when playing or warming up, the need to use toilet facilities arises before, during or after the game leave the playing area and use the appropriate facilities.

7. Treating the playing facilities with respect and not undertaking in activities that might be offensive.

8. Be Responsible when using all forms of Social Media and respect the dignity and privacy of other people both within and outside the club. Please do not post comments that are likely to cause offence and or upset

9. Undertake ad-hoc. club duties as requested by my team captain/manager.

10. Support club events for the further benefit of our club.