Player Profiles

Fareham Mens 1 are currently competing in the MHL Conference West and are developing a squad of players that will be pushing for promotion to the Premier League. We would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters for their help towards achieving that goal.

Name : Ben Barnes (Player Coach)
AKA: Barner
Position: Defender
Likes : Endurance Running, Golf
Hockey Hero : Lemmo obviously
Stick Used : TK S2

Name: Chris Davey (13)
AKA: Neil (Inbetweeners)
Position: Bench
Likes:Pubs, Clubs and Casinos
Hockey Hero: Paul Jones
Stick Used: Uber Boomerwang

Name: Alex Boxall (12)
AKA: Boxy
Position: Midfield
Likes: Food in any form
Hockey Hero: Ed Carson
Stick Used: Grays GX7000

john grice.png

Name: John Grice (4)
AKA: Gricey
Position: Defender
Likes: Alice Appleford
Hockey Hero: Heidi Podd
Stick Used: Grays GX 7000

Name: Luke Gould (39) 
AKA: Gouldy
Position: Utility
Hockey Hero: Stick Used: 

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Name: George Harris (1)
AKA: G, Arris, The Big show
Position: Goalkeeper
Likes: Spurs, Scandals , Dating Apps
Hockey Hero: Nicky Thompson
Stick Used: Mercian Oxide 36.5 L

tom larcombe.png

Name: Tom Larcombe(32)
AKA: Milky, 2D
Position: Defence
Likes: Sports
Hockey Hero: don’t know any players
Stick Used: Grays Jumbow 11000

Name: Jon Price (5)
AKA: JP , Pricey
Position: Defence
Likes: Anything Adidas
Hockey Hero: Nigel Cook
Stick Used: Addidas LX24 37.5

Name: Danny Rawlings (18)
AKA: Wallace
Position: Forward
Likes: FIFA King
Hockey Hero: Jem Evans
Stick Used: Red Adidas LX24

Name: Jamie Rawlings (16)
AKA: Shomit
Position: Defence
Likes: Sheep, Leeks and Daffs
Hockey Hero: Lemmo
Stick Used: Grays GR11000

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Name: Scott Rawlings (15)
AKA: Scotty T
Position: Attacking Midfielder Likes: Hockey
Hockey Hero: Shomit
Stick Used: Grays GX7000 Pro Bow

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Name: James Seager (7)
Likes: Anything Wood
Hockey Hero: David Faulkner
Stick Used: Osaka

Name: Tom Seebold (9)
AKA: Seebs
Position: Defender
Likes: A little bit of Karaoke
Hockey Hero: Jamie
Stick Used:Young Ones Y1 Sport LB90

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Name: Rob Wilson (19)
AKA: Cheezy Sausage, Willo
Position: libero
Likes: The Sea
Hockey Hero; Louis Jones
Stick Used: Grays

Name: Sasha Thomas (10)
AKA: Sash
Position: Forward
Likes: Giutar, Beach Hockey
Hero: Jacob Whetton
Stick Used: Gryphon Tour Pro

Name: Ultan Watson (17)
AKA: Watto
Position: Defender
Likes: Defending
Hockey Hero; Ben Barnes
Stick Used: TK S2 Plus

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The Management

Name: Paul Jones
AKA :Jonsey
Position: Forward
Likes: DIY
Hockey Hero: My Dad
Stick Used: Gryphon

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Name: Steve Lemon
AKA: Lemmo, Little Legs
Position: Impact Striker
Likes: Football,Cycling,  Golf
Hockey Hero: Pete Atkins / Russel Garcia
Stick Used : Mercian Proline 003

Name: Amy Hill
AKA: Hilly
Position: Physio
Likes: Winter Sports
Sporting Hero: Eddie the Eagle

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FHC Development Squad

rory kemp.png

Name: Rory Kemp
AKA: Gooch
Position:  Goalkeeper
Likes: Anything Sporty , Twitter
Hockey Hero: George Harris
Stick Used: Adidas DF24 37.5

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Name: George Davey
AKA: G-Daves
Position: Midfield/Forward
Likes: Travelling
Hockey Hero: Ed Faherty
Stick Used: Aratac NTr 750 Concave



Name: Jamie Young
AKA: Jammy
Position: Midfield
Likes: Music, Travelling , Coaching
Hockey Hero: Craig Peel
Stick Used: The mighty Dita Exa 700

Name: David Roche
AKA: Chinese Dave/ Chowmein Dave
Position: Midfield/Forward
Likes: Football & Travelling
Hockey Hero: Colin Bradbury
Stick Used: Ritual Velocity 1

Name:  Kieron Page
Position: Forward
Likes: Food and Sport
Hockey Hero: Craig Peel
Stick Used: Aratac LBT 700’s