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Ordering Information

No shirt can be ordered without reserving a number from Game, Set & Match.

The costs of putting a number on your shirt is included within the price.

Names can be printed on the back of your shirt for an additional £3.00.

The shirts are a snug fit, so it is recommended that you try before you order.

If you opt for a Christmas or new season set of kit, the cost of paying will be spread over 4, or 12 months. If you want to add additional kit to the basic order, please refer to the kit manager.

Mens Black Shirt - £25.00
Junior Black Shirt - £22.00

Mens Shorts - £25.00

Rain Jacket - £55.00

Mens White Shirt - £25.00
Junior White Shirt - £22.00

Ladies Skorts - £25.00

Track Suit Top - £50.00

Ladies Black Shirt - £25.00
Junior Ladies Shirt - £22.00

White Socks - £10.00

Tracksuit Bottoms - £40.00

Ladies White Shirt - £25.00
Junior Ladies Shirt - £22.00

Red Socks - £10.00