Club communications.

Over the forthcoming season it is proposed that we move all club and team communication onto a single platform, in this instance Team App.

Once you have registered you will included within any groups that are relevant to you, which could be team, coaching, selection, committee, social, clubhouse or whatever. Communications within those group will only be visible to those members, but our management committee, secretary and other selected groups will have the ability to broadcast to the entire membership group, keeping you informed about what is going on within the Club.

If you peel back the layers of Team App you will find that it can do a whole lot more than just send you notifications. You are able to record your availability, check where your next game is and what time you are playing. Tell the rest of the Club what your result was straight after the match and who scored the goals!

Use one of the following links to load the app onto your phone or tablet. - this is for apple devices. - this is for android devices.