Successful county players (and more)

Righto everyone 'good news' time from the Junior section again!!

Listed below are the successful county players (and more) from Fareham junior section.  Let's remember this is a process that starts in September and takes a great deal of effort (and considerable time and cost) from the players and their parents too.

 We also should make mention of the players who were not successful this season, whilst committing the same effort.

Note: PC is Performance Centre, some selected players from u14's onwards continue training and cluster meetings for possible selection to Futures Cup

U13: Kiera Denham, Harriett Handley-Quint

U14: Pjay Watkins, Charlotte Mould, Jay Green, Noah Meysen (+ PC), Sam Ratliffe (+ PC), Dylan Coleman (+ PC)

U15: Lizzy Beardsall, Issy Chapman, Gracie Coleman (+ PC), Joe Caine, Rory Buckeridge ( + PC), Alex Beckett ( PC only), Austin Hardy (+ PC), Finn Coleman ( + PC), Alex Lambrianou ( + PC)

U16: Luke Hett, Alex Ellison, Adam Shergold (+ PC), Fergus Jackson (PC only), Noah Murphy (Sussex county), Bel Capper (+ PC), Georgia Collins (+ PC)

U17: Henry Beardsall, Alex Wright, Ajay Raval, Morgan Redding, Charlie Swift Jeffery, Aidan Page, Keara Stone

British College Squad: Tara Lemon, Sophie Raymond

34 successful this year... Same numbers as last season, but with a considerable increase in PC selections.  PRETTY DAMN GOOD AGAIN!

Thanks, Joanne Larcombe
JDC Co-Ordinator