Boxxfresh - Bespoke vegetable suppliers


Boxxfresh, the veggie-box delivery

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We're #allabouttheveg!

FHC have partnered with Boxxfresh, the veggie-box delivery and sustainable produce people, to feed our club members and visiting teams with tastier, healthier, more environmentally-friendly match teas.


Pick you own boxx from their on-line shop. With Boxxfresh you get to choose exactly what you want.


Why not add their veg-packed extras to your boxx? Always crammed full of goodness, delicious and #allabouttheveg…!


No ties or subscriptions…weekly, bi-weekly, ad-hoc…the choice is yours! A personal service delivered to you in their Boxxfresh chiller vans for only a £1.50 delivery charge